Three Norwegian teenagers are caught smuggling 22 kg cocaine out of Bolivia. Why does only one take the fall? Combining the juiciest elements of reality TV and true-crime pulp fiction, The Bolivian Case is a sensational criminal exposé that sheds light on the increasing malleability of modern crime and punishment.

“Instead of asking us to question the guilt of these women, Ayala asks us to confront how gender—and also race and class—affects how we assign guilt.” VICE

“The best of 2015, Violeta Ayala is showing that is one of the most gifted investigative filmmakers of our times.” ROLLING STONE

“Very entertaining film and it’s just jaw-dropping… It’s a kind of film that you couldn’t write as fiction.” ABC

“These days you can always tell a great documentary because there’s a part of you that instantly wants to see a big budget dramatisation with the best Hollywood stars. The Bolivian Case is one such documentary.” THE HOLLYWOOD NEWS

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